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I really hate to take the negative side of this issue. I do not know if any of the following 6 items could be an issue with high water pressure, but I would consider them:
  1. Solenoid ON/OFF valve for the dishwasher pressure limit?
  2. Solenoid ON/OFF valve for the clothes washer pressure limit?
  3. High pressure relief valve on the water heater and the correlation with available expansion with its expansion tank.
  4. Water Maker pre-filters and membranes pressure limit for flushing. High pressure could possibly damage filters and membranes
  5. Fiber washers on many screw-on fittings may need to be substituted with silicone.
  6. Accumulator pressure settings should be 10-15% less than pump cut-off pressure. There should be 2 for Hot and one for cold...but since an anchor wash pump was installed, who knows what you have.
I would try to find a better replacement than a Jabsco anchor wash pump that was installed by the previous owner. Something that will get the cut-off pressure down to about 2 bar. In Aldo's defense, I have seen postings in this group recommending such replacements. And, lastly, if you wind up buying a 24VDC Jabsco fresh water pump, consider buying 2 of them so that when the first fails, you'll have a ready replacement.

Does any owner have a A.M.F.A. 66B non-working pump that David can rebuild?

Also, David, check with Aldo on what he did with the Amel-installed pump. I am 99.9% sure that it can be repaired.

I hope this helps.

BeBe 387

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Great Vladimir - thanks for those figures, and explanation - clear and concise.

On Friday, 14 October 2016, 16:28, "Vladimir Sonsev sonsev52@... [amelyachtowners]" <> wrote:

You should have in fresh water line an accumulator, relief valve and a pressure switch.
Set relief value at 40-45 psi, pressure switch at 30-35 psi OFF and below 10-15 psi ON.
This way you will be well protected.

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