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It is good news that the transmission shifts well by hand, delay in shifting can be caused by internal problems with the transmission.

The following assumes you have a HBW-250 transmission:

According to ZF specs travel of the end of the shifter arm should be equal going from neutral to forward and from neutral to reverse, and the movement should be between 30 mm and 35 mm from neutral to engaged. If more travel than this is needed, or the travel from N-F and N-R is unequal, you have an internal issue that needs to be addressed.

There is adjustment at both ends of the cable.  An adjustment at the shifter end controls how far the cable moves, and an adjustment at the transmission end controls the center point of the movement.  The objective is to have the shifter lever move by cable the same amount it moves when you shift it by hand without the cable attached.

On my Amel, the easier adjustment by far is the one on the transmission end.  The end of the cable is threaded, with a jamnut to hold the setting.  To make the adjustment you have to pull the pin that attaches to the transmission, and turn the barrel bolt on the cable end. If this verbal description makes no sense, I can email you a photo.

The only way to make the adjustment on the shifter in my boat would be to pull the shift out of the dash.  I haven’t done that so I can’t describe it in detail.

Look at all this AFTER you check to be sure the clamp holding the cable is tight as Bill R suggests.

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There are two cables running from the single arm Morse Throttle/Shifter. Each are independently adjustable in the engine room, near their termination points.

It sounds to me as though the shifter cable is loose in the engine room. That is what I would check first. With the engine OFF have someone move the Morse Throttle/Shifter forward then backward while you inspect the cables in the engine room.


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Historically we have found that when shifting to forward the transmission barely engages before the throttle advances the RPM. Yesterday the transmission did not engage without manually pushing the transmission shift lever. Is there a point of adjustment in the Morse cable system for this? Did not appear to be adjustment at the transmission.


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