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Hi Dan,
The prop and its boss are a very close fit and almost impossible to sand down to make it easier and it is also difficult to line up the holes for the screws. The answer is simple, get three stainless machine screws a bit longer than the nylon ones and use these to line up the holes and to draw the prop on far enough for the screws to be replaced with the nylon ones. Obviously you must turn each screw a little at a time so that the prop goes on straight.
You must have done something different to break the blades off your old prop. I have neever had that problem because my props vanish into the deep after I manage to foul a ground line.
An even more difficult trick is to get the pick-up line of someones mooring around the fibre glass part of the bow thruster as the vee of the hull section acts as a barb to keep the line in place. I know because I managed it when I was alone. I was there until a kind soul came along in a dinghy and released me.

Best wishes, John

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Subject: {Disarmed} [Amel Yacht Owners] BOW THRUSTER PROP

Having trouble with reinstalling my Bow Thruster Prop. The old one
shattered it's blades and I was successful at removing the old prop
while the boat is still in the water. Maybe I am missing something but
removing the 6 nylon screws was not enough to get the old prop off. It
took lots of force and prying with a screw driver. No damage to the
nylon hub noted. I have both a new nylon hub and prop but cannot get
the new prop to slip on. Does anyone have a good way to reinstall a
Dan Bergin
SM #317
in port Vancouver, BC

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