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Patrick McAneny

Bill, The original pump does look superior to the Jabsco that the previous owner installed on my boat , especially how the two halves are bolted together as opposed to a clamp on the Jabsco , which may be a source of an air leak.

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This thread is an appropriate place to praise Amel and specifically Henri Amel for quality of the components selected for Amel Yachts. It seems to me that he picked each and every component based on the best available. When he felt that there were no satisfactory components available, he made them.

Of course when these original components reach the end-of-life, the current owner has a choice of rebuilding and/or replacing the original equipment with the exact or similar item...OR...replacing the component with something less.

The two freshwater pumps that I am familiar with that Amel has used in the last 25 years cost 600 and 1,000 euros respectively. The Jabsco "on demand" freshwater pump costs around 200 euro. It is your boat and it is your choice to downgrade from what Amel installed. When I am helping someone looking to buy an Amel, these are some of the first things that I look at to form an opinion of the boat.

BTW, BeBe has a Jabsco on demand freshwater pump. Its purpose is to install instead of the AMFA pump if that pump fails and needs rebuilding. I have never installed it. BeBe also has a Shurflo anchor-wash pump to install if the Amel-installed anchor-wash pump fails and needs rebuilding...I have never installed it, either.

Thanks, Henri.

BeBe 387

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Bill, I never knew what was the original pump. I suspected it was not the Jabsco.

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I think all SN's, SM's 54's and 55's came with the Reya/AMFA Marina Pump to pump out the gray water sump.

This is the pump:

It is not cheap and the previous owner probably picked Jabsco over paying about 600++ Euros for the "Marina Pump." However, the  Reya/AMFA Marina Pump is far superior.

When most any lift pump stops working, it is because of an air leak that causes loss of prime and loss of vacuum while pumping. The most common missed item is a hardening of the hose which causes air leaking at the pump side and liquid leaking at the lift sure to have double clamps and silicone grease in the junction. But, air leaks can also happen internally with the flapper valves, diaphragm and pump case.

I have two of these  Reya/AMFA Marina installed and one ready replacement. Possibly some other owner has a  Reya/AMFA Marina Pump that they will sell to you.

Of course, there is always Jabsco.

BeBe, 387

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Good morning Pat,

My Super Maramu 2000 came with the AMFA Marina ZZ bilge pump.

But if I were you, I would put what Francisco and Oddette put on Peregrinus, which is the “AMFA/TF pump version 2”.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Club Nautico de San Juan, Puerto Rico

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I have a Jabsco sump pump and have
found it unreliable . The motor works fine , I have replaced
everything and it still fails to pump water from the bilge
every time. I have replaced the joker and flap valves and I
have a check valve , but I think over time the pump slowly
loses its prime and becomes air bound , when not used for 
some time. I have thought about buying a new one and hope
it works better . I have looked everywhere and cannot find
it . I assume all SMs have the same pump , can someone tell
me where I can purchase a new one. Has anyone replaced it
with something more reliable
?Thanks,Pat SM

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