Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] sea wather from bow-thruster


The bow of my boat is very high on the water level and the water enters in the boat only with waves.
I've done the maintenance and replaced 3 foam rings the springtime this year : two foam rings below and one above. Slightly cutting rings below on a side (starboard). The foams are the new ones 29x42x8.
The problem is :
sometimes the B.T. climbs higher and the pin enters without effort, but , in case of waves, the water filters in the boat.
other times the BT climbs less, the pin comes in with more effort and the water does not enter.

How about  putting a third foam ring under??
To relace the rings in natural foam with those in neoprene coul be a solution?
Thanks to all. Regards.
#SN122 Earendil

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