PAPA has a BAD day

dan_bergin <captdan@...>

Well the bow thruster prop repair is way down on the list today.
Yesterday PAPA struck a rock HARD at 8 knots in Canada and LOST HER
KEEL. She floated free after it got ripped off in about 10 minutes
of twisting and rolling with the surging currents. I was able to
motor slowly away to deeper water and dive over to see the keel was
GONE. At high RPM's there was severe vibrations so I took the FREE
(CANADA COAST GUARD IS AWESOME) tow to Port Hardy, BC where I will be
spending some time exploring the construction of the AMELS...

Once out of the water you can see all the stainless keel bolts were
cut clean off. The transmission housing is sagging down 4 inches
(but the prop turns fine and was able to motor slowly into the
haulout slip.) There is fresh water leaking out from the bottom of
what is left of the keel, so I will be drinking large quanities of
good Canadian Beer.

If anyone has any experience with reattaching a keel, water tank
repair or transmission issues, I am all ears.

Capt Dan
SM #317

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