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Thanks Ric,

I'm currently working in Abu Dhabi but the boat is not. 

IRIS SN 27 (her papers are in for the renaming)

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I have a 1990 Santorin SN24. I don’t know what I have is that great of a manual, but it is something.  Contact me off the Amel owners site and I will try to help. Also please post the boats name, number, and location on emails. I think that you find the Santorins systems intuitive and like all Amels amazingly well thought out.


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Hello All,

I have finally taken possession of a 1990 Santorin, formerly named AKWAABA.  The previous family bought her new in 1990.  Conducting a true turnover of the boat was not possible, due to various events.  Which as you could imagine is not ideal; I could have learned an enormous amount of valuable information in the process.  They have left behind plenty of folders and files to rummage through.  I have not come across the factory / original manual that would state what equipment is installed, location, etc.  I do understand that some items vary boat to boat.  However, If any one has a Santorin manual they don't mind sharing I would greatly appreciate it.  I do intend on tracing every thing out, sorting out the major items, then slowly updating or modifying as required.  And mapping out plumbing, wiring, etc. (using some of Bebe's meticulous charts as a guideline - thank you).

I have searched the group site for all things SANTORIN and downloaded such.

Take Care,


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