Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Yanmar starting problems

Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Hello, Given what you have done I would suggest that
you check the battery connections in the battery box
and all the way to the starter. It sounds like you
have connection issue not a relay issue. I'd also
check the connectors at the ends of the cables if the
wires are green you may want to change them and grease
the new ones.
Good luck.
Richard SM 209
--- ivarmylde <> wrote:

Can anybody help me with following:
My Yanmar 100hk engine is abt 5 years - 500 hrs. Two
years ago I had
starting problems and a mechanic installed a relay
which helped. Now
I hve same problems and a few weeks ago I cud not
start at all and
the relay was changed for a new one. Now again it do
not always start
before I try several times.
The battery is Ok, but the starter motor do not
connect - only the
engine fan - after a few times trying with the
ignition key it
starts. I believe it is a electronic problem, or
maybe the starter
motor must be serviced. The starter motor is very
difficult to come
to. Grateful yr adv.
Rgds Ivar Mylde
# SM53 Silfrania

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