Dinghy Inflator - Amel 54

James Wendell <ms42phantom54@...>

Does anyone out there know about the electric dinghy inflator for the Amel 54? I have a circuit breaker labeled as such above the battery area and I think a plug in the lazarette. I do not have the inflator and do not know what it is or how it would work.

Also, I had to rebuild my Opacmare passarelle. It no longer works correctly and I cannot figure it out. It allows me to extend and/or raise the gangway when it is stowed in its pocket. I would not expect that, as it could jam. Also, it does not raise or lower fully. I suspect I have problems with the limit sensors, but I do not know enough about how it is supposed to function. The manual is written in English, but the translation is really confusing.

Any advice would be much appreciated. I know these are somewhat unusual questions.

s/v Phantom Amel 54 #044

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