Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 30 Amp 125 volt shore power to 50 Amp 125/250 Volt plug?

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good morning Bill,

First thanks for looking out for me !!!

I am probably not explaining myself correctly…

I have 2 shore powers.

If the marina has 250 Volt then I use my regular shore power.

If the marina only has only 110 volt, then I plan on using the Amel originally installed transformer.

What Marinco (who makes shore power cable, plug, etc.) saying is that if the marina has split phase, I could use a Y with 2 x 30 amp 125 Volt going to 1 50 Amp 125/250 Volt to provide me with my 220 volt (again not going through the transformer). I would not make the Y myself, I would purchase one already made.

I know about the frequency, as I mentioned I only use my washing machine, scuba compressor, etc. with the genset.

You raised a good point: may be they don’t have that female 125/250 50 Amp, so I am going to look for one locally.

Sincerely, Alexandre


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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 30 Amp 125 volt shore power to 50 Amp 125/250 Volt plug?
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I am not an electrician, and do not
want to be your electrician via email. The reason is that
you may rely on something that I say and I might be
But, I will
make these comments as long as you recognize the above
statement. Unfortunately, it is difficult to make the
following short, because I feel I should make these comments
as clear as possible.
I believe that what the transformer
company is saying when they say "IF” the marina has a
Split Phase," is that If the marina 110-125VAC 60htz
shore power connections that derive their power from "1
leg or phase" of a 220-250VAC 60htz connection, it will
work. However, this does not tell you how to make the
connection. And, what I do not know is what it will take to
make it work without making assumptions. And, I do not
know if the transformer is is designed to take different
inputs and still output 220-250VAC60htz. So, from this
point forward, I am assuming (guessing) that your tranformer
requires 220-250VAC input. I might be wrong on that
assumption and if I am, almost everything that follows is

Europe and
the US have Single Phase 220-250VAC power. Europe delivers
this power to the user in three wires including earth. The
wires are 220-250VAC (hot) (brown), Return or Neutral
(neutral) (blue) and earth. The US "SPLITS THE
220-250VAC into 2 legs or 2 Phase and deliver the power with
4 wires including earth. The wires are 110-125VAC (hot)
(red), 110-125VAC (hot) (black), Return or Neutral (neutral)
(white) and earth. Many 220-250VAC devices will work with 50
or 60htz and take the voltage split or not split.BUT NOT
suspect (guess) that the transformer is NOT a multiple
voltage input transformer and what they intend to say is
that you can wire 2 different "legs" (phase) of
the 110-125VAC 60htz to the transformer, wiring one leg
(red) to your Brown wire input and one leg (black) to the
Blue wire input, and finally Earth (NOT WHITE) to
your green/yellow input. In this case, you will not use
the white from shore.
That said, if you are discussing
Tortola, BVI, I am 99.9999% sure that they have 220-250VAC
on the docks, but maybe (assume) that they may not have a US
Type 50 amp 220-250VAC plug. AND maybe (guess) they have
only wired the pedestals with US type 110-125VAC 60htz 30
amp connectors. If that is the case, when they say they do
not have the larger 50 amp connectors, the split connection
device will work, maybe (guess), but each of the 30 amp
plugs needs to receive power from separate legs (phase) of
the 220-250VAC power. I posted a link earlier of a device
that has 2 each 30 amp male connectors and 1 50 amp female.
I have one on the boat. It is possible that you could make
one, but you will have to follow instructions precisely.
Without giving you the instructions now, let me
describe what the marina probably (guess) has:
Inside their pedestal box they I
think (assume) that they have a large input cable with 4
wires inside the cable. They should be color-coded this
way:Red - 110-125VAC 60htz
(hot)Black - 110-125VAC 60htz (hot)White
- NeutralGreen - GroundI believe
(guess) that you need to accomplish the
following:Red - 110-125VAC 60htz
(hot)>>>>>>>>Brown input on
transformerBlack - 110-125VAC 60htz
(hot)>>>>>>>Blue on input
transformerWhite -
usedGreen -
input on transformerIt will not work if you
use either 2 Reds or 2 Blacks which would be using 2 of the
same leg (phase) of the 220-250VAC 60htz. You MUST use 2
different legs...this is what they sometimes refer to a
The best way to accomplish this is
for the marina to wire a female US Type 50 Amp 220-250VAC
60htz receptacle for you to plug into. If they do, I would
test to make sure that the resulting wiring is according to
the Shore Power graphic in the following album.

I will repeat that I am not an
electrician, and even if I was, there is no way I can help
you without making assumptions like I did above and those
assumptions could be wrong.

BillBeBe 387
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Hello Bill (Rouse),

My Transformer is Original (option) from Amel, just never
been used. I can only hope the wiring was done accordingly

blue wire goes to the neutral connection, brown wire goes to
the hot and green/yellow goes to ground.

I am honestly not sure an “electrician” could be useful,
in the only 4 years that I own my boat, I have noted that
2/3 of the people I hired did not do a proper job, nor knew
anything… and I keep seeing that for other boat owners…

Marinco has confirm as well the link I mentioned will not

When I mentioned the 2 x 30 Amp 125 Volt going to a 50 Amp
125/250 Volt, they say it would work “IF” the marina has
a Split Phase, but I doubt the marina knew about that…

Unfortunately that small marina in Tortola (Harbourview), so
far only has 30 amp… this will be a first for me as well.

I have been asking them for 1 week, the answer is: we are
working on it… kind of reminds me of the Bahamas…

Bill (Kinney),

I know about my second shore power going to the Transformer,
but since it has never been used since installed 16 years
ago, I don’t know if it is working… and in my case,
when I arrive somewhere i do have to work right away for my
clients (need electricity, etc.). so no time for down time
which Island people don’t understand…

So now, I am just looking for back up alternatives…


I have ask the marina is it was 50 Amp 125 Volt or 50 Amp
125/250 Volt, they were not able to answer…

Sincerely, Alexandre

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Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] 30 Amp 125 volt shore power
to 50 Amp 125/250 Volt plug?

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Alex, No, that will not help.

Without knowing what

transformer you have and how it was wired...and if that

wiring has changed, none of us can give you much


I suggest that before

you arrive at a marina that only has 110VAC available,

you consult with an electrician and have him inspect

you have.


was never in a marina that had only 110VAC 60htz

available...they all had 110VAC and 220VAC 60


You have my

wiring graphic for wiring to 220VAC 60htz without an

transformer. If not it is in this album:
com/neo/groups/ amelyachtowners/search/photos?
query=shore%20power#zax/ albums_1949812811



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Good morning,

The next marina I am going to is likely to only have 30

125 Volt.

Since I have never used my big transformer on the boat, I

not sure it works, so trying to cover options.

I need 220 volt.

I am very ignorant when it comes to electricity…

Would the following product be ok?



Or is there a problem with the phases or something

I am not concerned with the Amp, but the voltage…

Thanks in advance!

Sincerely, Alexandre


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