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Mike Johnson

Hi Donato,

Copper Coat will be able to give you the exact details of any issues with low temperature.  However, the temperature experienced in the holds of passenger aeroplanes are normally around 15C and rarely below 10C unless there has been a technical problem in which case they can reach lower temperatures depending on the flight time.

It would be sensible to also consult Copper Coat in respect of the Dangerous Goods Category of the materials you are transporting.  Without this you might find the airline refusing to carry the materials or even worse off-loading your luggage when it goes through security checks.  Also tell the airline what is in your baggage.

Very best wishes

Mike & Peta

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We need to bring some Coppercoat kits in our forthcoming flight from Italy to Central America. I've been told that the material, of course as hold luggage, may suffer for a long trip at low temperatures and get deteriorated.
Does someone can confirm ?
Thank you

Amel sm2000 
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