Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Dan, We are very sorry to hear of your lost keel. I
don't what we can do from hear other then listen.
Were you able to salvage the keel? What will be used
as a replacement? Did the stainless steel bolts show
any signs of loss of metal either from the salt water
or from being oxygen starved? Had she hit hard
before? We sail in Maine and are always fearful of
grounding on a big black rock ledge.
Good luck and hope you are able to get it fixed
before Canada runs out of beer.
Best wishes
Richard SM 209

--- dan_bergin <> wrote:

FOR the CLIMA dealer in San Francisco call ANDERS
ELECTRIC 510-234-9566
or on the east coast call Rob at 301-352-6962
I tried to order one a month ago in San Francisoc
when I was there.
ANDERS said it would be a month until they got one
from Italy. Mayby
they have some now.
Dan Bergin
"Keelless in Canada"

--- In, "pjppappas"

greetings from supermaramu #369 CALLISTO - pt.
vallarta mexico. i
a replacement heating element for my clima model
number c303
heater/airconditioner. part number m66360. Does
anyone know from whom
i can order one. Thank you Peter Pappas

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