Re: Instal AC / Genset on Santorin

Herbert Lackner


We have a 4kw Panda with Kubota 1 cylinder engine. Very satisfied, runs every second day, reliable and silent. 0,5 l diesel per hour. Up to now only one problem, caused by the mechanic in Kusadasi that made „some enhancements“ to the exhaust system and did not use the original spare – water entry occured. But easy to repair engine and very good design.  For an Amel installation a solenoid should be installed to separate battery minus from housing (connect only for starting).  This year I upgraded it to use variable rpm based on load, works good and silent.


Fischer panda in germany has the best support I ever had with any technical equipment in my life, absolut extraordinary,  at least due to this I would buy one again. 


For me on the santorin it is not the questuon if I would buy a Fischer Panda or not, it is if I really need a genset, and my answer would be „no“ (like Ian on Ocean Hobo a portable genset, maybe Honda is also a good alternative). Enough Solar panels and the great shaft alternator should be enough. But if installing an genset for me the Panda is a very good choice.



Kali Mera SN 120, Trinidad



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