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Our friends from Colorado did that route in late 2014, on their new boat they had just picked up in France a few months earlier (not an Amel).  

Arrived in Easter and landed but did not complete the paperwork the first day.  Then early in the evening the Swedish boat anchored next to them dragged and was lost to the rocks.  Decided to leave for mainland Chile the next afternoon as the weather kept worsening.  The authorities then said on the radio they had to come back and complete the paperwork or they may not be let in into the mainland.  So our friends went back and spent a day or two ashore, but as the weather was not very cooperative, one of the crew remained aboard for the duration.

We ourselves visited Easter in 1997, but we did it the easy way: we flew in.

Their blog of their visit to Easter is below.  If you hit "older posts" you see  their daily log from Galapagos (14 days) and if you hit "newer posts" you see their photos from their visit and blog of the way around Cape horn and on to the Falkland and Georgia islands.


At anchor, Numana (near Ancona, Italy)

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Has anyone sailed out that way from Panama ?

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