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eric freedman


When I leave the boat at a marina and am away for a month or more I pay the dockmaster to run my watermaker. I added a switch to the fresh water pump in the engine room , so that the only time the pressure water is on is when they run the watermaker.

Works for me but each case is unique. I just lost faith in sodium- whatever as it destroyed all the fittings and bobbin on my watermaker.

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Hi Eric,

That's fine if you are near the boat, or can guarantee that you always have enough fresh water and do what Bill on Bebe did with a solenoid valve and a timer to flush the system regularly, but my point was the distinction between SMBsulphate and sulphite which are completely different chemicals.

I prefer to follow what the membrane manufacturer says, rather than what somebody "believes" to be true.

But each to his own....whatever works for you can be fine for you...but maybe not for me...



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