Echotec watermaker on old Maramu


Hi folks, has anyone of the Maramu (not SM) owners here installed an echotec watermaker ? Would be interested to learn where you put all the different components. Curently I am pondering the following options:

1. High pressure pump below the bed in the aft cabin, membran (vertically) and control panel in the aft head.
2. High pressure pump in the front right corner of the engine room and membran (vertically) and controlpanel in the antechamber of the aft cabin
3. High pressure pump below one bed in the forecabin and the mebran (vertically again) in the foreward closet.

Would there be a temperature issue when trying to install pump and membran in the engine room ?

Not sure where to install the filters (and booster pump if necessary) in any case.

Any input is welcome.

Michael, SY Sioned, Maramu # 148

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