Re: Echotec watermaker on old Maramu

Ian Park

I have an Echotec 500 in my Santorin. Control panel on engine room wall in back cabin. Engine driven HP pump beside aft end of engine. Membranes suspended from roof of engine room opposite engine. Filters are in the cockpit locker and I have diverter valve from cockpit shower to flush the filters and membranes direct from boat's water system. Only 1 membrane currently giving 80 l per hour, but considering a 2nd to give 150 l per hour. The same pump will provide the power. There is a new hole in the hull with seacock with filter with a magnetic drive booster pump.
Can't provide photos as I'm in UK and boat's in Grenada. Also not sure of similarity between Santorin and Maramu.

One of best bits of kit on the boat!

Ocean Hobo

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