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James Alton

    I am very glad to hear that you are so happy with your Amel 55.  While that boat is out of my cruising budget, it is great to know that Amel is still building boats that make owners happy.  The ongoing success of Amel is important I think to all of us.
   As someone who is familiar with sailing the 46, 53 and now the 55,  I was hoping that you could make some general comparisions between the models based on your own opinion of course. 
   I am just getting to know my Maramu and have not yet sailed any of the other models, though I have sailed alongside two Super Maramus so the input would be of interest to me.  With regards to the Maramu,  I was truly expecting to have to make some significant sacrifices in performance and handling based on my previous boat but I have been very pleasantly surprised with the Maramu in both areas.   Sailing out of Oblia this month with the wind aft and gusting to over 40, the boat was hitting 9.6 in flat water and well over 10 after the waves built up a little and she began to surf...and it was all quite comfortable.   It is clear of course that the pointing ability will not be the best, but it is acceptable and most of my sailing will be with the wind aft of the beam.   The handling of the Maramu is what surprised me the most.  The turning radius is very good, the boat carries very well,  rudder response is excellent at very low speeds with almost no tendency for the bow to blow off.  I am looking forward to sailing some of the other designs in the future.
   The lines of both the Super Maramu and the Santorin suggest an improvement in performance over the Maramu which would be expected with the evolution of the design and it sounds like the 55 is another step up in that area.  For myself,  I am quite happy with the Maramu due to the great handling, the fantastic storage under all of the bunks since all of the water is in the bilge and the moderate disp/length ratio of 276 which though a little lighter than I am used to but the motion is still quite nice on the boat.   I know nothing of the 55 but I cannot imagine anyone not being happy with any of the Amel designs that I have looked at.
James Alton
SV Sueno
Maramu #220
Sardinia,  Italy

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The new 55 AMEL is a wonderful sailing and live aboard yacht of the moderne era she's easy to in the sea way and comfortable on the hook. I know this as I've got over 1500 miles aboard doing and ocean race as well as Crusing parts of New England as a captain of a well maintained 55. To be sure the 46, 53, and 54's are wonderful yachts as I've owned and or sailed them for over 20 years. 
Change is always difficult for all of us, for example the transition from alcohol to propane. You get the
Picture. If you are considering a 55 go to the factory and do a sea trial. Be careful you may just fall in love with a younger model. 

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I have only owned a Super Maramu...a 2003 model. I am a huge fan of Amel.

I will attempt to tell you my limited understanding of the comparison...hopefully I will not ramble too much, but appologies if I do:
As an Amel SM 53 owner, my first reaction to the 55 was, "...what are they crazy, what the heck are they thinking?" It was such a departure from what I thought of Amel that it did not immediately compute to me. Most of the reason for my impression was the fault of Amel management...they overlooked using the power of Amel owners to introduce a new product. In this day and time, that was a big mistake, one that could be corrected, but is still overlooked.

The 55 is more of a different boat than the previous Amel models and the 55 has not been accepted by previous owners as much as the previous models were. Of course, this stands to reason because with each model progression prior to the 55, the new models carried over 'tried and true' Henri Amel designs mostly with a blind eye to change. I could argue that this was very good, but if you asked me to argue the other side, I could argue that it was bad. This is something that regrettably Amel did a poor job of. In their defense, they had never made a design change as radical as the 55 and maybe they simply did not realize how to "launch a really new product."

The 55 has a completely different keel than the 53 or 54 which allows it to point better and sail faster. This means the freshwater is relocated and the water gauge is missing. The 55 has batteries stored in the cabin sole in a watertight compartment rather than above the waterline in a water tight compartment as in the 53 and 54...there are advantages to either design...we were accustomed to the latter. The rigging is inside the life line to make it point better and sail faster. The ru dder is further back making it turn faster and it allows the rudder gear and autopilots to be in a compartment inside the rear lazarette. If you like galleys and galley conveniences, you will love the 55. The freeboard is higher giving the 55 more interior room and volume. The cockpit is deeper for greater protection, but it is more difficult to get in and out of as compared to the 53 & 54. The table in the cockpit is great, but it requires extra steps to get in the engine room.

I think the 55 is a yacht that is something like a sailing yacht that Oyster would make if they wanted to knock-off Amel. I also think that Amel management did a terrible job of utilizing the power of probably at least 1,000 Amel owners to promote the 55. Amel could have pitched the 55 and all of its changes, features and benefits to Amel Owners around the world, and some of us could have helped the launch of the 55. But they ignore us...or at the very least, they ignore me.

Maybe y ou should email Dimitris Krasopoulos <dkrasopoulos@...>. He has owned several Amels including 53 and 54. He has been looking closely at the 55. He may have what you are looking for.

I think that you will see more negative remarks from 53 and 54 owners than you will from new Amel 55 owners, but hopefully my explanation above will explain that and you can take that into consideration.

I hope this helps you.

BeBe 387

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I am interested in hearing reports from owners of the Amel 55' versus the SM 53' which I have previously owned from 2001 to 2014 SM #347 Sulajon, I am interested in any quirks that seem to be common amongst the 55'?
John Folino

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