Bilge pump alarm

ofer magen

Hi to all,

A year ago when I was in Gocek turkey, I asked a carbon filter to be installed. In August on the way from Cyprus to Finike, the new hose that was installed has failed and we lost all the water in our water tank,it was spayed in the engine room....
I fixed it and a day later itĀ  happened again, and as our frigis are using fresh water instead of sea water, the pump was pumping air and died.
We decided to install an alarm on the bilge pump so we can hear evrytime it's working.
Now the bilge pump itself does not pumpĀ  and we knew it immediately and could pump manually, as the alarm didn't stop.
The pump is just pushing air out.
It looks like I have to replace the down hose and the valve in the small box in the bottom.
More ideas?


Ofer Magen
Alba Amel 54 #160
Gocek Turkey.

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