Re: Desalinator Shutdown

Judy Rouse


I do not know if this helps, but we had to replace the circuit breaker
because it broke the circuit with no apparent reason...that was 3
months problem since.

Bill & Judy Rouse
s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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I am having a problem with my desalinator shutting down, that is
tripping the circuit breaker on the 220v panel in the galley after
about 12 minutes of operation. I have tried it with nothing else
operating but it does not seem to have any effect.
I do not have a water leak and I think the problem is electrical. I see
on the "posts" that the circuit breaker may need to be reset. Can
anyone confirm this?
Please advise.
Tony Pellegrini
SM2000 Voyageur #373

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