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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Kent, good to hear from you. I remember shelter bay marina well. Very hot. It was where a big man with a big wheel puller and a big hammer broke the case on my out haul gearbox. Sorry to hear your eye surgery failed to help. It is one eye affected? All the best for your voyaging

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Thanks, Danny, from Shelter Bay Marina on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal.

I got back to the boat in Curaçao a few weeks ago.  After working on my boat list and waiting for Hurricane Matthew to clear, I went to Aruba for a few days and then to the San Blas islands, Panama.  The immigration office on Isla Porvenir has closed, so sailed to Portobelo, then had to go to Colon to get cruising permit and Marinero Visa.  The Panama immigration service is in a messy transition period now as they try to consolidate services, to eventually make it easier for cruisers.  For now you should just check in at Colon on the Caribbean side.  I'm not sure about the Pacific side.

I'll spend the next two months in Kuna Yala and Bocas Del Toro, then fly home for Christmas.

My eye problem never did get better.  I gave up after 5 surgeries and 2 months of lying on my back or face.  It is slowly going totally black, but that means the glare, double vision, and distortion is almost gone now.  I'm not needing the patch except in bright sunlight now, but might wear it on occasion when I think it might be to my advantage ;-)>

All the best.

Steady as she goes.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy, SM243

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