Bolting Hull Deck Joint

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We are continuing the endless process of rebuilding Annie M, Mango #1.

We are now working on the hull to deck ("HTD") joint.

According to David Gerr in his book,

"The Elements of Boat Strength"

the HTD joint should be through-bolted with bolts determined

by calcualating ones scantling number. (LOA X Beam X Depth of

Great, the number is about 8 for the Mango and calls for bolts every

inches or so.

Our questions are: 1. why are there no bolts in our HTD joint?

2. Do any Amels have HTD bolts? 3. If not, why not? 4. Has anyone
experienced opening of the HTD joint in heavy weather or separation
of tabbing because of flexing? 5. How is the AMEL 54 HTD joint made?

Best Regards,

John and Annie
Annie M
Mango #1

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