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Hi keep in mind that as Bill and Alex noted you also have to check on the engine mounted alternator and/or voltage regulator to be sure you can successfully charge the AGMs  
    There is normally a small dip switch on your Dulphin charger to adjust it. But as stated earlier are AGM or Gells worth their high cost. 

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Yes, I was aware of that. In checking on the dolphin chargers aboard the only literature provided was an installation manual, and it's in French (very helpful....not). I took a look at the units themselves, and there appears to be no visible means to make any adjustments to the unit to account for any different means of operation. That being the case, I sent a message to dolphin requesting a manual for use, and some information regarding anything needed to change on the charger (if it's possible at all) to be compatible with the charging of the AGM batteries.
The AGM batteries I'm considering have a significantly higher capacity to produce energy then the flooded wet cell batteries.
FWC 195 RC
AGM 190 + 400 RRC, so in effect, the 400RRC capacity gives me quite a bit more ability to produce current to my systems w/o need of charging.
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Keep in mind that the AGM batteries have a different charge requirement then flooded ones. Second when out in the world you most likely will not find AGM replacement units. 
Just a thought but if flooded batteries last 5-6 years how much long do AGM ones last and are they worth trice the price. ??

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My battery bank needs replacement. Trust me. Forgive me if this information has been discussed before, and is redundant.

Anyone have issues with AGM batteries outside of possible replacement in remote areas?

I can  get 31M-AGM7 batteries with a RC (reserve capacity) of 190 + 400 RRC (repetitive reserve capacity-basically adding 400 minutes to the RC for $250, with 36 mo warranty.

Compare to $115 for a flooded wet cell with a RC of 195, and 18 mo.

RC (for those wondering) is the amount in minutes the battery can have a 25 amp draw before going dead.

Unless I can be convinced otherwise for good reason, I'll spend the extra $. Thoughts?

My good friend Eric (Kimberlite) brought up the possibility of using Velox(spelling) paint on the prop.

The issue of keeping the auto prop clean and growth free has been discussed ad nauseum on the site.

With that said, I question the value of a painted on product. Obviously the ultimate answer is regular cleaning .

Unless that is possible, the spray on pettit prop coat seems like it would offer a smoother result (aerosol application) and give some protection.

Eric commented to me he got 6 months out of an application.

Anyone have any experience with it or insight?


BTW...thanks for the furler responses


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