Radar Target Enhancer (RTE) - active X & S band


I currently only have the original octahedral metal radar reflector at the top of the mizzen mast.

I read many reviews and almost decided to get a good passive radar reflector, such as Echomax EM230.

Finally it seems to me, the advantages of an active (draws power to amplify the radar returned singal) reflector or RTE to be the way to go.  Besides sending a far superior returned radar signal, you are also alerted by visual and/or audio alarms when you are 'pinged'.

X-band radar is used by smaller ships (from 300T ?) as well as on Amels, etc.  Larger ships (> 3000T ?) use S-band offshore; they possibly may turn off their X band offshore.

All of this leads to my choice: Echomax Active-XS dual band RTE, and my question, where/how to mount it?

Has anyone already mounted this or the similar Active-X RTE already?  Possibilities are:
- in front of the mizzen above the radar, possibly best place (but being close to the mast could affect performance)
- top of mizzen, but then will be pinged by very distant over the horizon ships, which I read is annoying at night (due to alarm alert)
- suspended between main mast spreaders (I am afraid it might be hit by the Furuno X-band radar on board)
- suspended between the mizzen backstays, so it can swing a bit to stay mostly vertical

Any experience welcome.  Echomax has 2 versions of the Active-XS; one has a base mount, the other has 2 end caps with eyes for suspending between spreaders or backstays.  For the base mount, the XS Ocean bracket could be used to mount forward of the mizzen.  Has anyone tried this & does this stainless steel mount fit the mizzen of a Super Maramu?

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