Re: removing imarsat

Gary Wells

I just got done running a new cable from the mount in the backstays to the cockpit for the AIS antenna. It is not a terribly difficult task, the cable lives in the chase/tray along port side all the way from the stern, through the big lazarette and into the cabling area behind the autohelm/steering complex.
It was difficult punching it through the sealant in the skinny space between the big fat lazarette and the aft cabin bulkhead (a narrow workspace and the propane hose is nearby) and I also had to climb into the cockpit lazarette to get it run straight ... which of course led to even more projects month list :) but all in all, not too tough. Lots of wire-ties and a bit of grunting but except for the one spot in the aft not too difficult of a pull.

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