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I think that then problem is solved. I had an electrician on-board and he checked the power from the genset which is OK. The circuit breaker for the desal is 20 amp on my boat and it was over heating and shutting off. The power draw while it was running was just over 16, We switched the wiring to the Compressor circuit which is 16 amps and the desal runs fine.

I will order a new 20 amp circuit from Amel and install it .

I want to thank everyone for their assistance
Regards, Tony

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12 July 2007


I suffered similar problems with my Dessalitor 220VAC 50 Hz water maker
aboard our SM # 335. As you probably know these circuit breakers (CB)
are thermally activated and since I was operating in the tropics with high
ambient temperatures I attributed some of the problem to that. Also, if
I recall correctly the original CB was 15 amps and this system under full
operating conditions draws 13.5 amps or about 2560 watts (as measured
with a digital clamp power/amp meter under operating conditions). I
replaced my breaker with a 20 amp breaker (or maybe the original was
a 20 amp and I went up to a 25 amp, can't remember for sure) but I
have not had troubles since. The higher the ambient temperature the
greater the chance of a "weak" breaker tripping off line.

There is also a dedicated CB for the high pressure pump motor in the
box on the back side of the control panel (see Photos section as noted
below) that is specifically for that pump, but it doesn't sound like this is
your problem.

Just to make sure you don't have a true circuit problem with an
over current situation I would encourage you to use a clamp amp meter
(one that you clamp around the load wire to measure the actual load),
prior to going to a next higher rated CB. Also verify that the voltage at
the high pressure pump motor is 220 VAC.

High resistence connections or corroded CB contacts can cause similar
symptoms. High resistence causes increased thermal loading and then
trips the CB. The CBs are available from Amel for a reasonable price.
See the photos section (Dessalinator Service Info) for pic # 18 for a
shot of my digital meter showing the Dessalinator running at load.
One final caution, this is 220 volt circuity and IT CAN KILL YOU, please
make sure that shore power is disconnected and the genset is off prior
to working on any of it.

Hope this helps.

Gary Silver Liahona SM 2000 # 335

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I am having a problem with my desalinator shutting down, that is
tripping the circuit breaker on the 220v panel in the galley after
about 12 minutes of operation. I have tried it with nothing else
operating but it does not seem to have any effect.
I do not have a water leak and I think the problem is electrical. I see
on the "posts" that the circuit breaker may need to be reset. Can
anyone confirm this?
Please advise.
Tony Pellegrini
SM2000 Voyageur #373

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