Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] anchor chain wash

On Peregrinus, the anchorwash is effective on sand and light mud.  The pump is a reliable old, rusty Shurflo that does its job.

For heavy mud, this is insufficient, and our solution is to quickly run out the orange hose from its green reel in the starboard cockpit locker and use its water-jet gun to help out.  The deck washdown pump is quite powerful.

One mod we had done in Fort Lauderdale is that we installed an in-line "y" diversion valve.  The Amel factory deckwashdown is freshwater.  With the valve on default position A, this remains freshwater.  On position B, we used a spare outlet from the saltwater manifold.

So, with if mud on the anchor chain is thick and gooey, we use saltwater wash down to clean the chain.  This can take a while!  Once done, we feed freshwater to quickly spray the foredeck and lower foresail rig area.


SM2K No. 350
At anchor, mouth of the Po river (Venice)

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