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James Alton

Another way to pick up the hull shape in the event that another Santorin is not close by, is to fill the bow thruster bay with polyurathene foam (cut from sheets and you can use bondo to fill gaps)  and then use a large fairing block to recreate the hull shape.  This foam sands very easily. Use a release agent on the hull for a 4" perimeter and then layup about 4 layers of 10 ounce cloth using an epoxy resin since this will elminate issues with polyester shrinkage and loss of shape.  This will give you a female mould from which you can build a new part that will fit perfectly.  If you can create a scratch line along the interface between the foam and hull, you will also have a perfect trim to line.  
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James Alton
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Nameless, Since you asked , how to rebuild , I assume you would like to do this yourself , otherwise you could let a fabricator determine how to. If you had access to a similar boat on the hard , then making a female mold would make it fairly simple. I would tape a sheet of wax paper to the bottom of the bowthruster , then apply two layers of fiberglass and resin , trim the edges to match . Using that as a female mold , you would then lay up several layers of fiberglass to the appropriate thickness , making note of what the interior of the panel looks like. You did not say if the struts on either side of the prop were damaged, if damaged repairs would be done to return them to original condition. I would probably then reinstall the thruster , dry fit the new panel up against the struts to check fit. If the fit is good , I would take accurate measurements from all sides of opening to determine placement and/or possibly apply something on the bottom of the s truts , paint or powder ,reposition the panel to transfer location of struts to panel. I would then only tab them into place and recheck position , if happy ,epoxy the struts to the panel followed by several layers of fiberglass on all sides of the struts/panel. Any imperfections in the panel can be filled with thicken epoxy and can be sanded . If no other boat was available , I would probably use the hull immediately aft of the thruster hole ,tape the wax paper and make a female mold the appropriate length and width , this would give you a close but slightly flatter panel that you sand to take out the extra material ,until happy with fit.
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Hi forum, Unfortunately in the last summer when sailed out of a congested harbour in Greece, my bow thruster housing, (the bottom part which is is used as cover aligned with the hull when bow thruster is up, just under the prop) was ripped off by a heavy chain of an anchor we have lifted and released. Currently, the bow thruster is functioning as the point of breaking is just under the shaft, but the in/out let hole in the hull is not covered when the bow thruster is in up position.

Amel has no drawings or measurements neither new piece for replacement or rebuild of the same.

Any Idea how to fix / rebuild this?

BTW - conclusion of this event - you can never be over careful when your bow thruster is down!!!


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