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James Alton

  My boat is a Maramu with a straight shaft so handles differently perhaps than the Santorin.  I have been able to back my boat without using the thruster under calm conditions.  My boat also backs to Port so when setting up for my final turn in front of the dock or quay I time it so that the stern ends up a little too far to stb., then add a shot of reverse to get her moving that is sufficient to orient the stern correctly.  I then go into neutral and the boat steers pretty well, the key being to correct any minor deviations without delay since the hull (like all sailboats that I am aware) of is inherently unstable backing.  If the stern starts to get out of control, some forward thrust across the rudder gives me a chance to straighten out again but I need to once again leave the stern a bit too far to stb. To allow for the walk to Port when reversing.  
James Alton
SV Sueno, Maramu #220
Arbatax, Italy

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Thanks Bill, Ric, James and Patric, for the valuable advice and picture (Ric).
My boat is Santorin and she is in Rhodes right now but planning to do this work in Marmaris exactly for the reason of more chances to find another Santorin there. 

Regarding using the bow thruster, I would add to Bill's comments also -
1. before and while dropping dow the bow thruster - I will always check below for ropes or other floating hazards.
2. If possible, ideally alway s when operating the bow thruster a person at the bow looking down to make sure the bow thruster area is clear.

I found the bow thruster not only handy, but crucial for reversing as my boat will only go reverse and Portside no matter what my steering is. If anyone in the forum ever reversing without the bow thruster I would really like to know how could the boat be steered.

Have no prob to share more details with any of you on email to email basis.

Thanks, Ben

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