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Patrick McAneny

Miles, I took several pics, but I don't think they would help you . With the anchor on the rollers and being in a dinghy trying not to lose my wife's  Iphone overboard , I got nothing of value. I had to turn on the water just to see where the water originates . It appears as you said , to come out of the port fiberglass structure of the bow roller . One would have to be on the hard ,on a ladder , with the anchor out of the way to be able to see where the water actually comes out. If reconstructing it became a  problem ,I would just opt for a hose /high pressure wand in the port locker , works much better , especially for mud. If you would still like the photos , say the word.
Pat SM#123

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I am in the process of rebuilding the bow on my 1998 Super Maramu after something ran into my boat on its mooring, and I am in need of help.
I am reconstructing the anchor chain wash and I need to know how it was led to the outlet and where and how the end nozzle was attached.  All that I have now is a mangled copper pipe that comes out of the port fiberglass where the brown fiberglass bow part starts.  This pipe looks like it was in the fiberglass and came out over the chain above the chain roller (all gone).  I also have a plastic nozzle that would have directed a horizontal stream of water downward.
Could anyone who is near or on a pre-2000 Super Maramu, please take a photo of the chain washer and send it to me at milesbid at .    
 s/y Ladybug, now in a shed at NEB, Portsmouth, RI

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