Re: anchor washdown on 1998 SM #260

Judy Rouse


If you are referring to the Amel installed Anchor washdown pump, it
receives it's salt water from the manifold that is connected to the
sea chest. The sea chest has a strainer inside. The 24 volt breaker
for the pump is on a gray electrical breaker-box mounted on the
firewall in the engine room . The actual breaker is labeled "eau
mer." This same breaker-box has breakers for the Dessalator 24 volt
circuit, toilets, Bilge Pump and portside winch.

The outflow hose should be connected to a stainless tube that exits
through the deck and runs along the top of the anchor fairlead and
curves around the forestay. Amel fits a rubber "L" to the end of the
stainless tube which directs the water on to the chain/anchor.

Hope this helps.


Bill Rouse sailing with Capt Judy
s/v BeBe
moored Bonaire

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1: Is there a raw water filter/strainer for the washdown pump?
I have traced a hose coming off the seawater intake for the forward
head to a pump that I assume is the anchor washdown pump. Has anyone
installed a filter/strainer on this pump?
2. Is there a circuit breaker for the pump?
3. I've traced the outfow hose of the pump forward of the bowthruster
area, where the outflow hose enters part of the bulkhead just forward
of the blowthruster. I am unable to find a deck/hose fitting for a
washdown hose. Its location is probably obvious, but...

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