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Jean Boucharlat

I am (very much) an amateur when it comes to boats and must admit that I am baffled by our use , in French, of the “marocain” word (also spelled “maroquin”) to designate a triatic stay. My bafflement comes from the fact that the better known Morocan boats were the “Galère” (Galley in English) and the “Chebec”, both two masted, like schooners, but neither one of them rigged with a “Marocain”.

If anyone has an answer I’m interested to read it, to the extent that it doesn’t bore other members of the forum.


Concerning your small antenna on the mizzen, I had one installed by the yard on my SM 232 in order to, hopefully, have a spare one in case the main mast would collapse. Maybe the yard kept installing them on subsequent SMs.


Jean Boucharlat

Formerly SM 232


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I am an amateur linguist (of English, which of course has countless words of French origin due to the fact that the rulers of Normandy conquered England in 1066).

I assume that the triatic stay is so-named in French because the Moroccan boats utilized them a lot in their native craft?


Merci beaucoup for your helpful answer.


Still trying to figure out the small antenna on the mizzen, will trace it some more when back on the boat. Do other SM owners have a VHF-like antenna on the mizzen, or is an add-on on my boat?


Tom Peacock

SM Aletes 240

St Augustine, Florida



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« Marocain » in French nauticalese is « triatic stay »


Jean Boucharlat

Formerly SM 232


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We recently noticed that our VHF could not be heard for more than about half a kilometer. This prompted the usual investigations, and I believe a bad connector at the base on the main mast was the culprit. All seems well for now.

While investigating I noticed that we have two "VHF" type antennas on the main mast: one for the VHF, and one for FM radio (so labeled by the Amel grey sleeve over the wire). However, there is also a "VHF" appearing antenna on the mizzen. We do have a triatic stay antenna and a stern whip antenna for SSB and SSB weatherfax, but this is clearly a VHF appearing antenna on the mizzen. 

In tracing the mizzen wiring, a cable that looks like it could be coaxial comes down the mast, but I could not trace it further without much difficulty. It is labeled with the Amel factory style grey sleeve, reading "MAROCAIN".

Consulting my French to English dictionary, MAROCAIN translates as "Moroccan" (citizen of Morocco).


Two questions: 

Any idea about the mystery label "MAROCAIN"?

What is the VHF style antenna on the mizzen?


Thanks as always,

Tom Peacock

SM Aletes #240

St Augustine, Florida



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