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Mike Ondra

Hi Steve. Ordered from Euro Marine in Newport, RI 401-849-0060 (very helpful). Their invoice listed it as ANT PARTS Genoa Car “Amel” Euro 232.

Mike Ondra

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Hi Mike,


Would you mind passing along all the part numbers you had to order, as mine need replacing as well.




Steve Davis

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I talked with Antal in Italy directly and they had the exact replacement car with the bales on both ends. It sounded like it was a custom configuration just for Amel, but they had a supply in stock. They had me order through their US distributor, Euro Marine Trading, and had it to me in 2 weeks. Shipping from Italy was prorated among other items from Antal to Euro and only cost me $29. Cars were $260 each.


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Can’t help you with specifics, I have not had to go there (yet!)…  but your problem inspired me to look closely at my own boat to see what I can see...


The cabinetry our our boat runs out to the hull, and up to the deck. No false backs, just hull and deck covered with fabric. When I carefully feel the fabric liner under the deck I find a space at the hull deck joint where there is nothing above the fabric.  I imagine careful peeling of the liner fabric will allow reveal the space where your lost nut has gone to hide.


But I do hope somebody else who has ACTUALLY been in there can give you more specific guidance. 


Do let us know what you find!


By the way, what did you find for a replacement jib car?


Bill Kinney

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Due to a car failure we are replacing the Antal jib car. To slide the old car off and new car on we had to remove the forward termination block. This was secured by a 3 inch or so eye bolt. Unscrewing didn’t generate much progress, but with considerable upforce (boom and block and tackle) it was eventually coaxed out.


However in reassembly the bolt threads are not catching anything. In fact even without the block in place the bolt simply drops to the deck.


The drawing showing the crossection indicates a bent plate backer, presumably with tapped holes,

behind the fiberglass into which the stanchions and jib track are screwed. The area under this appears inaccessible behind the saloon cabinets.


The eye bolt extraction required a significant amount of up force and one could imagine there was a nut in the other end that was being held in place by the up force until fully unscrewed. An inaccessible nut does not comport with the quality of Amel design.


Has anyone had experience with this bolt? Was there a nut on the other end? Any insights or solutions?


Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240

St. Augustine, FL




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