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US company ASCO Red- Hat also makes good solenoid valves for 24 or 12 V. I use valve with manual override. Manual override is good safety option. You can operate the valve if solenoid does not work.

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Thanks for the information Bill,

Just added to my list of spare parts to get when I go to Martinique (mid 2017).

Sincerely, Alexandre
Harbor View Marina, Tortola, BVI

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] 24VDC Gas Solenoid Valve
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The high-quality German made 24VDC
Gas Solenoid Valve (Burkert Gas Valve Type 6013 G1/4 3.0
024/DC Item Number 125 301) is a wonderfully made and a
long-lasting valve that Henri Amel spec'd on the Super
Maramu and I believe Amel uses on all current
It is
difficult to find because you will not find it at normal
chandeliers or places like West Marine, Budget Marine, or
Defender. Ours lasted 13 years when it stopped working. I am
picking up a new one at Amel Caribe in Martinique tomorrow.
It is probably around 100 euro.
I suggest that every Amel owner
have as a spare a 1/4" NPT union to use in an
emergency. A union pipe fitting is female threaded on each
end and used to join two pieces of pipe. You will find
1/4" male brass fittings attached to the input and the
output side of the 24VDC solenoid valve. The union will
replace the electric solenoid valve and require you to
manually turn ON & OFF the gas.
I hope this helps some of you and
saves you some time.
BillBeBe 387Currently Rodney Bay, St Lucia,
soon le Marin, Martinique

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