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No 3-D picture, I am afraid.  And nothing forward. All of the transducers with that capability I am aware of not only penetrate the hull, but protrude from it, which makes me nervous.

I used the Airmar P79 transducer.  I have used that on several boats in the past, and always been happy.  It has performed better than spec in each case.

As Bill R suggested, an combination transducer including depth might be a solution that would add some redundancy. to the systems.


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Hola from Panama, Bill.  I'm glad to hear that your new sounder works without a new thru-hull.  You say it works like a fish-finder...does it give a 3-dimensional picture of the bottom?  Where did you install it in the hull?

My old EchoPilot only gave a two-dimensional view about 1 1/2 boat lengths ahead at slow speed and shallow conditions.  The transducer has died and I'm waiting until the 3-dimensional forward sonars get less expensive before I replace it.  Two years ago the best ones required two new thru-hulls 18"apart.  Some newer ones had a single transducer that swept from side to side, but the picture wasn't as good.  Both types were very expensive.

If I could add a new one that gave a 3-dimensional picture without new thru-hulls, I'd probably spring for one now.

To answer your question, I would leave your B&G sounder in place as a backup even if it can be quirky at times.  When mine goes out at a bad time, I'm blind.

Does anyone have a solution to the irregular function of the B&G?  I've checked and redone all connections with no effect.


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