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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

I wonder what you call a watertight bulkhead with holes in it? Does it become a waterloose bulkhead?  Just a lack of a basic grasp of what is going on! That’s a perfect example of the kind of thing that you see, and you say, “Next boat, please!"

People doing really dumb things to good boats are not by any means limited to Amels. People find the most creative ways to screw up even simple boats. There are several surveyors who have websites with pages and pages of photos, all on the theme of “Can you believe what this idiot did?”  Sometime of course that “idiot” turns out to have been the builder...

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   One example of a modification to an Amel that concerned me involved drilling lots of holes in the watertight bulkheads to run new wiring.  In this case, the boat had been converted from the original 220V to US 110 volt.  The Amels seem to  be well thought out and any modifications are best carefully considered I think.

James Alton
SV Sueno,  Maramu #220
Arbatax,  Italy

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Hey bob,

Was thinking through this a little deeper. In regards to owner modifications, I'm assuming you mean fundamental changes to how the boat operates correct?

There are a few modifications that I would consider as a positive when I'm looking, or making when I purchase. Here's the two that I would consider but let me know if it is a bad idea:

- solar power/dingy davit arch off the stern
- longer bowsprit (similar to Delos?)
- maybe getting rid of the dish washer - not sure that would be that important and might be better to have more storage/refrigerator???

Again, just beginning the process here so totally cool if these are bad ideas.

Thanks again.


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