From: Curt Epperson: Amel Owner needs help

Curt Epperson

Amel Owner needs help:

 While underway from Fajardo, P.R. to Brunswick, GA with paid delivery captain and crew, on our Maramu, Languedoc, the captain became very concerned about water in the forward bilge, from the bow thruster.

This occurred after he insisted on motor sailing at 8.3 knots with full sails, in 5-6' seas.   I explained the water was not an issue after those seas but he declared the vessel was not seaworthy and "sinking" and insisted on heading to Ft Lauderdale, and leaving the boat.  I am now stuck alone on the boat at a marina on the Indian River, with two nights dockage, trying to figure out how to get up the ICW, to Brunswick by next weekend.  I have no experience in the ICW.  Does anyone know someone who could help me move the boat north, or at least get somewhere north of here where I could get dockage for a while and sort out this mess?  I will pay all necessary transportation costs.   I really want to get out of Fort Lauderdale as soon as possible.  You can reply to sail2live at or call me, Curt Epperson at 509-293-0154.  Any suggestions or assistance will be most appreciated.

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