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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good morning Rick,

Here are the various owner manuals.
Depending of the SM or SM2K model you have, you will see slight difference or evolutions on the battery chargers or air intake for the Espar heater, etc.

Also good to know:

Here are as well some other links for maintenance and repairs:
Bow Thruster Overhaul with you will need to do every 2 years:

Recently I did the Windlass regular maintenance and the complete overhaul

Change of the Onan Exhaust Elbow:
Onan water pump cleaning:

Main sail car repair:

Companion way lock:

Removing the oven:

Accessing the dishwasher:

Cleaning the oven:

I also have made some illustrations on installing a Galvanic Isolator and AC Multimeters

My diesel class was from a now retired instructor, it is about the same on all diesel engines.
The main issue to to make sure there is no air in the fuel line, how to bleed, etc. I am not sure you need to learn more than that.

The way I do it: if this is something that needs to be done every 10 years (like rebuilding the propeller), I rather hire someone that does it on a regular basis…
If this is something that needs to be done on a regular basis (every 2 years) then I will learn.

Totally agree with living onboard for at least 1 year before to make any change, this is the advice I was given.

Here is the link for the survey:
It is in French.

My belief, or at least hope, is that when all the maintenance is up to date it is easier to do it regularly.
I am probably an exception on the group as I have to work (from the boat), so when I arrived somewhere I have to get connected to the internet and work.
So because of that, instead to wait for parts to break I change or maintain them when I have the chance, as never they break at a good time.
I was told: “Schedule your maintenance before your maintenance schedule you”.

My trip has only be the Caribbean so far, I can’t imagine for Bill and Judy the additional shipping cost to Asia, etc…

Diesel engine are very strong and durable, change your oil, filter (oil is VERY cheap compare to an overhaul), etc.
Take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you.

Finally, yes this forum is amazing: Olivier, Gary, Bill, etc.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Harbor View Marina, Tortola, BVI


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Thank you Alexandre,
I definitely plan on taking all the
ASA courses I can. As I think I mentioned in another post, I
am obsessive/compulsive when it comes to learning, so I
enjoy the process. 
Can you point me to a place to
download the service manuals? I have read somewhere that
there are some in this group? If not I will do a search, but
just in case you had it handy somewhere it would be greatly
RE: Basic
Diesel. Definitely want to do this. However, I've also
read that there are more in-depth classes specific to the
engine manufacturer. I have heard that Yanmar does these
sort of classes (haven't really researched this yet but
came across it - haven't heard of Volvo doing it but I
would be surprised if they don't). I would assumed then
that these courses would be considerably more intensive than
the Basic Diesel? I can see taking one of these as a
top-list item in my book. Overkill?
I've constantly heard the
"live on the boat for one year before you decided to
make any modifications/fixes/upgrades" and it seems
quite logical. Something you thought you'd want may turn
out to be a non-factor.
RE: sharing your survey. If it has
anything that would help me understand some of the typical
wear factors (and maybe not so typical) on the Amel for
future reference when I am at that stage, I would greatly
appreciate it. 
you for the 20% figure. I had estimated 10% per year, but I
can see how the first couple of years there maybe additional
modifications/upgrades to get it to what would be right for
us (I don't use the word perfect because I know that is
a trap to get stuck never finishing - been there done
Glad to know
that the 15-20 hours is accurate on weekly maintenance.
Heard that number about other boats and knowing from an
experienced Amel owner gives that figure more
RE: parts.
Thankfully, reading through SV BeBe's blog I can clearly
see the costs and time associated with trying to obtain
parts at foreign ports. The plans would be to stock up on
just about as much spare parts/units that I can carry, and
it appears that the Amel's have plenty of storage. Thank
you for sharing your spare parts list. 
Engine hours is amazing. I though
that an engine would get long in the tooth at around 3,000
hours and would need to be changed. I really need to learn
more about diesel engines!
Thank you for tightening up my
budgets. Starting to work on my spreadsheets and this will
help a lot.
tell you how glad I am that I found this forum and posters
like yourself and the rest. A great support group is also
something that will definitely influence my decision on
purchasing an Amel.
Good luck to your continued
Rick Gutierrez

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