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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

How very strange...  

I have installed two of these on different boats and never heard a thing inside the boat.  Either my ears are not very good, (they are not!) or your unit transmits on lower order harmonics of the 50 or 200 kHz signal more than it should.  

You might give Airmar tech support a try.

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We also mounted the P79 next to the old B&G transducer. Easy to install, works fine and gives good readings, but the sound that it makes is annoying, the „tock – tock - tock …“ encourages me to remove the cable from the Plotter (cannot just be switched off).  I will try to put some foam around it to make it more silent, but if that does not help I think I would not install it again.



KALI MERA, SN120, Trinidad

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