Re: Help - 5-Year Plan


I am the owner of a 33 year old Perkins 4-154 with 9600 hours on it.  When I bought the boat it had 4600 hours.  I have never cleaned/changed the injectors or adjusted the valves.  I change the fuel filters only when the engine begins to hesitate.  I overheated it once and blew a head gasket.  I do change the oil every 100 hours.  The engine now leaks oil into the bilge, so I have to remember to turn off the bilge pump as I enter a marina.

I'm not proud of the fact that I do so little engine maintenance but the engine kicks over immediately every time I turn the key and I get the same 3/4 gallon per hour I have always gotten and still cruise at 6.5 knots at 2000 rpm.

I know repowering is in the near future and I'm not looking forward to the decision to go with a current marine diesel or a rebuild for exactly what Bill R. was talking about.


In addition to ASA classes, you should also look into the USPS offerings.  There is probably a local squadron you can join.

Dennis Johns
s/v Libertad

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