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Now I sail in Chesapeake Bay and most of my anchoring is in the mud. Anchor wash on my SM 2000 is useless. I belive that real solution is installation of deck wash connection on the bow. I plan redirect chain wash to a deck wash connector. It can be used for salt water boat wash or shower aswell. You don't need high water pressure if you use hose for anchor or chain wash.

I seriously contemplate flat through deck installation of  deck wash fitting. I see on line flat deck wash connectors are made by Johnson Pump or by Jubsco.

Did anybody install deck wash connector fitting on Amel SM?

SM 345 "Life is Good"

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Hello Patrick,


Thank you (and thank the others who have kindly responded to my call for help).  I think that I see how it goes.  The copper pipe is embedded in the fiberglass.  The yard is going to lay up the new fiberglass around a copper pipe as it used to be.   The higher pressure pump that you and others have suggested is a good idea and I may do someday.  For now, I (and the insurance company) will settle for putting it back like it was.  






s/y Ladybug, sm216  in a shed in Portsmouth, RI

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