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Please let me know precise location of your wash down deck connecter. Obviously it is very important to make it right the first time.

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Hi Vlad and Ric,

We fitted the stainless flush deck hose connector after we saw it on another SM. Very neat. Means that you can connect a hose without having to open the port bow locker. We also fitted a more powerful sea water pump than the Amel version. The combination works very well.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Hyeres

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I found that Johnson (not perko) makes a stainless flush deck hose connector that connects under full pressure with a bayonet. Has a rotating cover. Donovan marine sells it. Putting on my Santa list
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Ric Gottschalk
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Hi Vlad,
Yes, the locker has to be open or the hose gets pinched.  It's not ideal, but no new hole in the deck.  I don't use the original washdown nozzle at the bow roller at all.  When single handing I tie the nozzle on the rail while I go to the cockpit to turn the pump on.  It's a powerful jet that is like a big spitting snake when loose on the deck.

Once an inexperienced crew accidentally turned the pump on when cleaning by the helm.  By the time I discovered it, the bow lockers were almost full of sea water!  But the boat was on the waterline for the first time ever!

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy

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