New sails

James Alton


   It is time for a new set of working sails for Sueno and I was hoping to get some input on what seems to work out the best.  I am considering the tri-radial hydranet for the cloth but open to other options.  I am undecided about whether to add battens to the main and mizzen.  I note that some are now using the short vertical battens to straighten the leech and in some cases full length battens to allow a bit of roach in the main and mizzen.  While the additional sail area is certainly interesting to me, I am concerned about the possibility of a batten getting jammed in the spar on some dark night with the wind rising...  It would be great to hear from others to see how battens worked out..or not.  Another decision that I trying to make is what to do about the foredeck sail(s).  I know that my large genoa does not set well when reefed deeply and is prone to being stretched.  Would it be good to have a working jib to 110 with a foam luff for this usage?  If so should I also have a normal sized Genoa?  It would be a big help to hear about what light air sails seem to work well on the Amel.  Has anyone installed a code 0 and if so how did that work out?

Thanks for any input.

James Alton

SV Sueno,  Maramu #220

Arbatax,  Italy

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