Re: What to do with the hole...

Herbert Lackner

Kent,  we have also the noise from the greywater sink in the foreward head, but only when motoring at a certain RPM. When we got the boat I was looking for a pump that „runs dry“ but could of course not find one…, then we found out that it is just a special frequency that starts the noise,  small amount of water stops it immediately...


The P79 sound is not very loud, at the beginning I could hardly hear it. But is is like this drop of water that falls on the head every minute – when you start to hear it you are waiting for the next tick and that drives me crazy J

It gets louder when in deep water (frequency change) and more silent in shallow waters.  There is absolutely no sound from the two echo sounders that I have in „Through hulls“, the B&G and the DST800 that I use. 


Unfortunately there is no switch for turning the P79 on or off and it is stated in the documentation that it must not be disconnected/connected from the plotter when the plotter is powered on – so diconneting/connecting requires plotter Off/On.  That is the reason why I disconnected it and have it only as a redundancy system (number 3 J ).  But maybe I find a way to isolate it then I will leave  it on and watch the fishfinder Screen until a fish pops up



KALI MERA, SN120, still on the hard in Trinidad but in the water again in two weeks

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