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HI I have a 5 year old daughter who finds ways to drop almost
anything that is in her hands.

As long as they dont play in the engine room there is no way to clog
the bildge pump. The cockpit scuppers are so big that most legos will
be washed overboard. I would worry more about the woodwork and
apolstery. Wich cleans up nicely.

ASM #283

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Chuck and I are getting down to the niity-gritty now that we take
delivery of our boat in 6 months...Has anyone had experience with
legos on board (yes, the children's building toy)? we know they
clog bilges on other boats but before we deny our boys one of their
favorite pastimes, we thought we'd check with other owners.

Also, any experiences with shipping "stuff" (equipment, tools,
personal items) to La Rochelle?

Thanks for your help! Sincerely, Tabitha S/V Revelation

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