Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Air Conditioning in a Santorin



thanks so much for taking the time to reply - actually upon reflection - your advise with the fans is great, and more so - do not change anything for a good period of time.

I missed out on a boat locally so - most likely I will be heading to Europe in April next year as it seems most are located there  and spending some time there before starting our Journey back.  I will be (actually already are) - for Santorins in the US Area also.  And in around march I will plan to ask the group if anyone knows of any that might be for sale.

Again - great thoughts - and I would also add - that the group here is also one of the reasons I have chosen an Amel after 12 months looking at all sorts of other choices from IP, HR etc. 

So really look forward to next year - it has been my dream and goal for a long time now - and having to plan, work really hard etc - I am so looking forward.

Thanks again

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