Re: Air Conditioning in a Santorin

Ian Park

We have had a Santorin for 4 years. Same advice about no design changes for a year.
The power output from the prop shaft alternator is a great asset while sailing. We have installed solar panels on the aft side rails to keep the power levels up at anchor - Med and Caribbean keep the fridge power demands pretty high.
All Amels are very well insulated boats and stay surprisingly cool down below in hot climates (with the addition of good shading on deck).
Ours came with an engine driven EchoTec water maker. I would not do without this for the additional freedom from marinas this gives us. I have added a 2000 watt petrol portable generator for extra mains power when needed. It was five times cheaper than an installed gen set, and as it is air cooled I can use it when hauled out if no mains power is available. I'd personally prioritise a watermaker over a generator or A/C.
However, this is the best boat I have owned and will not change it. The Santorin has to be one of the outstanding pre-owned boats for the money. No offence SMs - we would love that too, but the pension goes further with the Santorin!

Keep in touch by email if you have any questions about the SN. There are a couple of other SN owners on the forum that know their boats inside out too.

Ian and Linda

Ocean Hobo. SN 96.

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