Sonar Noise and Bilge smell and Noise in the Heads


NICE!  That's one I'll do, for sure!  Thanks Bill!!

Kristy SM243

From Bill Kinney

For those of you having problems with noises from a P79 in-hull transducer…  have you checked to be sure that the level of the propylene glycol in the housing is sufficient?  My transducer does make audible sound when it is in my hand, but that goes away completely when it is in the housing and submerged in the glycol.  

Also, on the drain noises in the forward head: The former owners of Harmonie fixed that as a side effect of fixing another issue with the drains.  They noticed that when the wind blew the right way, it blew into the passive engine room vent, and ended up pushing odors from the engine room and bilge sump back up into the heads.  They fixed it by fabricating simple traps from three elbows where the drains dumped into the bilge sump.  No more bilge stink in the head no matter the wind direction.  The same installation also keeps the drain lines from “gurgling” with small pressure changes or boat movements.

A minor, and completely reversible, tweak to the Amel installation that we have not seen any downside to.

Bill Kinney
SM #160, Harmonie
Fort Lauderdale, FL
“Ships and men rot in port."

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