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Ian is right, but I tend to motor at 2000 to 2200 rpm. I often motor sail for my 4 knot rule at lower RPM. I keep a fuel log as well. Bottom line is that 1 US gallon/hr is my safety number and voyage average is .75 gal or 2.75 liters/hour. I have installed 2- 35 gallon tanks in the aft lazzarette with a fuel transfer pump in the engine room that refills  the main tank instead of jerry cans on deck or spilling fuel. Yes it is heavy at first, but I don’t have to handle, drag around or buy jerry cans. Kent got some of them.


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I haven’t done a detailed analysis of fuel consumption. We have the Perkins Prima 50 on our Santorin. I believe we get around 2.75 litres and hour, but our engine use varies greatly from running at 1500 revs for the the belt driven watermaker pump, to motor sailing at 1800 revs, or punching a head sea and wind at 2,200 revs. We try to avoid the last one!

I have worked on a range of 700 nm on a passage, and it seems to hold true. Because of the shaft alternator we find all our electrical demands are met when sailing above 5 knots. We filled up in Cape Verde before crossing the Atlantic and lasted the next 4 months before refuelling before lift out, we didn’t need to run the engine for battery recharging on the whole crossing. Because the Santorin lacks power hungry stuff like washing machines, freezer and air con the demands on the batteries are lower than the SM (hence no gen set as standard on the SN). Maybe other Santorin owners can chip in, but we use more fuel in Island hopping than on an ocean passage. We carried 100 litres of spare diesel which wasn’t required (but was reassuring).




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