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Kent, the only reason you have not used the fuel in your Jerry Jugs is because you had it ready. If it wasn't aboard, Murphy's Third Corollary would dictate that you would absolutely require additional fuel to complete the voyage... 

Joel F. Potter

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Hi Ric.  Yes, and thank you for that.  I carried the jerry cans on deck the first few passages South and back North between the Chesapeake and the Caribbean, but never needed a drop of fuel from them.  Finally gave them to a boat going transAtlantic.  If I ever do an ocean crossing, I might add another tank, just not sure where.  Kristy lists a little to port already, and is a little stern heavy, so the port deck locker and aft lazarette don't seem ideal.  It may be most sensible to carry cans on deck on the starbord side, since I wouldn't need or want extra fuel once I crossed.

I also average a little under 3L/hr when motoring.  I usually motor at ~2000rpm and motor sail at rpm enough to average 4+kts.

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